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Realities about affiliate marketing


Before starting your journey on affiliate marketing you will need to wake up and start realizing that this is not a quick rich scheme, But you will also need to believe that there are alot of money that you can earn from home by doing affiliate marketing.

You just need to:
1. do it right
2. Have a lot of patience.
3. Follow the right path

Do it Right, Don't be scammed

When you start researching about affiliate marketing you will see that there are millions I mean millions of information products out there that will lure you to buy them and beleive me if you are not very careful you will get lured into this Guru scammers that will make you buy all their informational software that will only have the same information over and over again.

Be very careful when you buy this type of information, I only have few people that I really believe when it comes to this type of stuff.

Anik Singal is one of them and one of the courses that i really love is Marketing with Anik where you will learn alot about affiliate marketing.

And he does send alot webinar and information for his students.

Have a lot of patience

You will need to have a lot of patience in creating quality content, a lot of patience in trial and error of the niches that you want.

You will also need alot of time and patience when doing your keyword research, this research will take alot of your time but are very valuable when targetting your customers.

A software that I usually use for this type that really makes my life easy is "Keyword Researcher". This actually gives me alot possible targetted keywords on the actual niche that i am trying to use.

This software also gives you long tail keywords that you can use that comes from Google.

Test, Test and Test

Test and test and test your niches. Find the right niche that works. If you find one stick with it make money from it and build alot of content around it before moving to the next niche.

You want to be focused, don't try to target all in one sitting, try to do it one niche at a time.

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