Business in Manila

Description: Considering doing Business in Philippines especially doing Business in Manila check out our website The Philippine Islands is located in Southeast Asia. There are over 7100 islands that make up the Philippine Islands. They cover roughly 496500 square miles. The total land area is approximately 117000 square miles. Only about a thousand of its islands are populated, and less than half of these are larger than one square mile. Eleven islands make up 34 percent cent of the Philippine land mass. Two of these, Luzon and Mindanao, measure 41000 and 37000 square miles respectively. The Philippines has more than 500 species of flowering plants. The climate is tropical, and it is generally hot and humid all of the year round. About 60% of the Philippines receives between 70 and 100 inches of rainfall annually. Population is estimated at over 95 million in 2011. Business in Manila English, Filipino (Tagalog), and Spanish are the official languages, Filipino or Tagalog is the national language. It is spoken by over 55% of the people. Additionally Over 90% of the population is Christian, mostly Roman Catholic, with roughly 5% Muslim. Business in Manila According to http the Philippines 2010 GDP (PPP) estimae was $351.4 Billion or $3737 per capita. The Philippine GDP grew 7.3% in 2010, spurred by consumer demand, a rebound in exports and investments, and election-related spending. The economy weathered the 2008-09 ...


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