Neo-Economist Mike B


FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. In this video I return all of the non-family member entries on the caller ID because it's necessary to identify the REAL CREDITORS and the 3rd Party Speculators and of course, the SCAMMERS Then we do a free credit report check and look for negative entries that are misleading or incorrect or false Then we create "debt validation" notices addressed to the scammers. Then we go to print these documents. In the next video, we will take these documents to get notarized and then to the post office where we will send them via certified mail. I AM NOT A LICENSED ATTORNEY NOR AM IA LICENSED FINANCIAL ADVISOR. THE TECHNIQUES AND OPINIONS YOU SEE IN ANY OF MY VIDEOS ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY AND NOT TO BE CONSTRUED AS LEGAL OR FINANCIAL ADVICE. Most problems are self-created. If in doubt, seek guidance from a trusted spiritual leader.



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