Stop Debt Collectors

Description: Among other things, debt collectors may not do the following They cannot contact you without sending you a written notice in five days that states how much you owe. Call you on your cell phone unless you put the number on a credit application Send you mail that shows others you are a debtor Try to collect a debt you do not owe Threaten violence or or other harm Publish your name as a debtor Repeatedly make annoying phone calls to harass you into paying money Swear at you or use obscene or profane words Falsely claim they are attorneys, law enforcement officials, or other government officials Accuse you of being guilty of some crime Grab your assets or wages without court order Slander your credit by making or threatening to make false reports to credit agencies Use phony names for themselves or their company Refuse to give you their name and address Lie about the amount you owe Threaten to slander your credit Send you papers that look like legal, government or court papers Tell you that you will be arrested if you do not pay Sexually harass you on phone Disclose your debt to others -- they can do this by leaving messages on public answering machines Call your friends, family, co-workers neighbors and others Falsely tell your spouse or other person they are liable on your debts Threaten legal action like a lawsuit, garnishing your wages, putting a lien on your house Call you at work Contact you after you have told them in writing to stop Call ...



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