The Future of Money


Better Sound Quality - Duplicate Video: Ending Social Economic Crises - Plan 360. International Economic Stability Part 1. [CC] Equality of Money The creation of money - The New Monetary and Economic System 2012. Learn how we will create economic stability, and compensation that is fair and equitable. Learn about the global compensation calculation that will determine your salary. Please leave a comment. We are interested in your thoughts, and opinions. Also View: Segment 1: (Uploading:) Part 2. Willit Economics Process and Willit Use Part 3. Debt Settlement Part 4. Standard Needs and Earned Equity System Segment 2: Part 5. iAct and the xChange Market Systems Part 6. Production Agreements and Resource Partition Plan 60/30/10 Part 7. Production and Distribution Systems and Centers Segment 3. Part 8. iPresent - Legislative System Segment 4. iLearn -- Part 9. Academic, Training, and Certification Systems Segment 5. Part 10. iAmwe -- Community, Communication, and Security Systems Segment 6. Part 11. Implementation Plan Segment 7. Part 12. International Conflict Resolution Author: Wrina Iamwe Voice: Jerome Marc and Wrina Iamwe Music By: 1) Use Ksyz-Obsession_-_Version_orchestre 2) Löhstana_David-Alexandra_03_ 3) The_Rest-The_Close_Western



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