Warning! If You Can'


If you cannot afford to pay, there is another option to sacrificing monthly essentials for credit card debt settlement payment plans. Non-payment is not as scary as you think. I did it for $63000 in credit card debt. Instead of prolonging your suffering, help yourself. Get started with my free tips, 11 Reasons Why You Can Survive the Non-Payment of Credit Card Debt. We have all heard the radio advertisements for debt settlement firms promising to eliminate credit card debt. Unfortunately for the people that hire them, these companies do a much better job of selling their services than they do eliminating credit card debt. Debt settlement firms charge too much for their services for the average consumer debtor to be able to afford to pay off a reduced-balance credit card debt before it charges off and is sold. They want $1800-2400 to settle $12000 of debt. And they want to be paid first! They advise you to stop making credit card payments and to pay them instead, saving money in their account for an eventual settlement. Debt settlement firms do not deliver what they promise, according to MSNBC. Some credit card banks will not even work with debt settlement firms, according to the Wall Street Journal. When it is all said and done, DIY (do-it-yourself) is the best way to eliminate credit card debt by settling for reduced lump sums. That way the consumer has control of the situation and a better chance to actually achieve credit card debt relief ...



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