BART Powell St SF Pr

Description: - BART Powell St SF Project To Clear Asbestos Underway - Mass Transit News. Last week on Friday, as this vlogger was headed to something called the SFChefs (vlog to come), I noticed a giant tarp that covered much of one side of what was a wall at the North Entrance to the Powell Street BART Station. So, me being, me, I decided to ask the workers what was going on. One of them said "nothing" and that's when I became suspicious. So I asked a lot of the workers about what was going on. I finally got an answer. It turns out that there has been a nasty asbestos problem within the ceilings of that BART station, and BART's finally doing something about it. That was from the workers who did bother to tell me what was going on, and that's much appreciated. Today, five days later, what was once covering the entire wall, has now engulfed the whole North end of the Powelll St. Station. There's no notice - nothing to inform anyone. Just a big, giant sheet of tarp. I didn't call the BART PR Office, or the spokesperson's cell phone, because the last time I did, he never got back to me. Besides, I got the real deal from the BART workers, BART management and line people. They talk to me all the time. Stay tuned.


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