Dangerous Asbestos T


Asbestos is a fiber that's mined from the ground. There are three primary types of asbestos that are used in industry. Chrysotile asbestos, which is the most common. amosite, and crocidolite. In the United States 95% of all asbestos products were made out of chrysotile asbestos. Asbestos that came from Canada. Less than 5% were made out of amosite asbestos, and almost none of the products used in the United States were made out of crocidolite. It's not surprising is it? That the defendants in the asbestos litigation, 95% of whom made chrysotile products contend in court that chrysotile is a "friendly fiber." It doesn't cause disease. And that all of the asbestos disease in America, especially mesothelioma, is caused by the other 4% or 5% of asbestos manufacturers. This defense has been defeated in the Newport News circuit courts many times, but in every one of our trials, this is an issue that we have to contend with, because the asbestos industry has a cottage industry of experts who'll come into court and say that their product was not harmful to you. Fortunately for our clients, the government has researched this issue. OSHA. EPA. The World Health Organization. And medical journals all over the world have concluded that chrysotile does cause mesothelioma. That amosite causes mesothelioma. That crocidolite causes mesothelioma. And that all of the manufacturers who made products with any of these fibers contributed to cause mesothelioma in the users of those products ...


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