Investigating Asbest


When you're an asbestos trial lawyer, you receive calls from people who've received a diagnosis of an asbestos-related disease. The first question they ask you is do I have a case? It's not a simple question. When we get calls from clients who want us to investigate an asbestos-related disability, we go through a number of investigative steps that are required in every case. The first thing we do is confirm the diagnosis independently with pathologists, with pulmonary specialists, who look at the pathology or review the records to make sure that in fact this is an asbestos-related diagnosis. To make sure that this is mesothelioma and not some other cancer, and that is often an issue that can be controverted. Once we determine that the victim really does have an asbestos-related disease, we then have to determine who's responsible. That requires investigation. Not only the investigation of the memory of our client -- and many times they're gone, they've died before the family ever came to us -- but the memory of his coworkers. The records of his employer. So we get the medical records of the client. We get the employment records of the client. We call his coworkers. And we look into all the various ways that we can find out which asbestos products were used by him, which asbestos products were used around him, and which asbestos products are now manufactured by companies who can be sued and who can compensate our client. That process of examining the medical, examining the ...


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