SEO How To This article with give you an idea on how to do the SEO of your website.

SEO is the best way to drive free traffic to your website, who would not want a free traffic to their website right? So we need to make sure that you really put attention to your website's SEO. This will really boost sales / web traffic to any thing that you are selling or promoting.

If you have your website and you modify it yourself or if you are a business that employs someone to do your website's SEO. Make sure that the things below exists and follows the guidelines for your website.


The HTML Title tag is a very important element and must include the most important keywords or phrases, which best represent the products or services offered by the web page. It should not contain more than 60 characters.


The HTML meta Keyword tag should have all the keyword phrases which best represents the products or services offered by the web page. Avoid repeating keywords and bad use of capital letters. It should not contain more than 250 characters.


The HTML meta Description tag is a description of the web page, which will be displayed by the search engine. Make sure it contains keywords phrases. Avoid repeating keywords and bad use of capital letters. It should not contain more than 200 characters.

Keywords in Headings

Keywords in Headings tags (h1) will be interpreted by search engines as being an important keyword relevant to the web page, and it should be looked for and indexed by the search engines.

Web page text/content

It is a good practice to include informative text one every page, using natural language and appropriate keywords. It should contain more than 200 words. Informative text should be placed in the HTML Body section of the web page.

Keywords in Alt Tags

Every HTML picture "image" tag should contain an ALT tag with an appropriate description. Keywords should always be used when appropriate.

Keywords in Anchor Tags

Every HTML hypertext link "a href " should contain a TITLE tag with an appropriate description. Keywords should always be used when appropriate. Links Links are very important to search engines. The quality of links and whether it is reciprocal or not, are important factors in evaluating the importance of a web page. Links from web sites with higher page ranks are a plus.

Registering with Directories and Search Engines

It is very important the registration of a website with directories and search engine web sites. It is a way of telling the world that your web site exists. Avoid using automatic search engine/directory registration.

xSearch engine optimization has become a very important set of procedures which helps web sites to become more relevant to search engines. To obtain an increase in internet traffic will take some time. It probably will take some kind of additional promotion too. But anybody in need of higher internet traffic, free search engine optimization might be considered his first option.

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