Starting A Business

Starting a business is very appealling and sometime the needed steps are getting neglected and missed when the business is being started.

Below is a checklist that can help you start planning and start your own business:

1. Be Organized. Make sure that you have all the tools that you need in order to be organized, planning book, computer/pda or any planning material where you can log your activities, errands, appointments and others.

2. Select the logo of your business. Business Cards, Brochures, stationaries, letter heads etc... you will need to decide how you want the your business be presented.

3. Decide the Type of Business. Decide the type of business you would like to start. You might have different kinds of ideas but you need to focus what you want to do and what you think is the best business to succeed.

4. Select the Form of Business. You will need to decide what form of business you would like to start. Sole Proprietorship, partneship or corporation.

5. Financial Form. Make sure to know upfront where the business financial needs will be coming from and if you need help there are alot of financial institutions that helps people who wants to start a business.

6. Research. This is one steps that is most of the time being neglected. You will need to research the type of business that you want to enter in, make sure to learn about the competition and how to succeed on it.

7. Write a Business Plan. A good business plan should include a description of what you are selling,  who the prospective customers are, how you plan to promote, and how much money is need for start-up costs.
8. Record-Keeping Software. One of the main things in doing a business is to make sure to have a record keeping software, that will help you alot in tallying and especially during tax time.

9. Open a Business Account.  Make sure to shop around which bank offers the best services and best fees.

10. Licenses and Permits. Make sure to obtain necessary licenses and permits for your business. 

11. Marketing. Make sure that you have marketing on your business plan because this is very vital in every business.

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