How To Make/Design A


Long 30 minute Video (sorry for it being so long) of how to make a website. Things You Need: Adobe Dreamweaver Internet Connection **Later on, a .webs account (free) Free ONLY IF YOU FINISH BEFORE THE ADOBE DREAMWEAVER TRIAL ENDS. Adobe Dreamweaver Trial: (NO LINK DUE TO ADOBE TAKING OFF CS3 FROM ADOBE.COM. CS4 Does not work with this video either.) Links: Site Twitter http Make Money Together featured Failblog *Also the example site of the one we are making. 4 Stages: 1. Intro To Video/What We Are Doing 2. Set up Files 3. Setup Dreamweaver/Layout Mode 4. Put Site Online GET A FREE DOMAIN NAME (.tk,, This video will show you how to make a website using adobe dreamweaver. You will be able to design your website (at beginner level) using tables and cells (with layout mode). You Can easily make unique, appealing and inviting sites if you have a good basis for your site, and good plan for it. **Suggestion: Before downloading 30 day trial, draw out your site on a piece of paper. Draw each page on your site so you waste no time while on your 30 day trial.


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